On ‘World Frog Day 2023, the Department of Zoology in collaboration with EcoClub, Don Bosco University organized a lecture on 20th March 2023 at the Auditorium of Academic Block I.  The speakers for the event were Mr. Saranga Pani Saikia and Mr. Hijam Malem Nganba Singha, Research Scholars, Department of Zoology, Assam Don Bosco University.  Mr. Saranga Pani Saikia who is also an alumnus of the Department spoke about the diversity of Anuran from the campus. He mentioned that Amphibians are good environmental indicators. Out of 11 species he enlisted, Duttaphrynus melanostictus was found to be the most dominant species among them. The second speaker was Mr. Hijam Malem Nganba Singha who emphasized his talk on amphibians of agricultural fields of Karbi Anglong (East) District of Assam. He decoded how certain species of frogs help the farmers by reducing the dependence on pesticides and an ecological balance between ‘rice-frog-pests’ can be achieved without the usage of pesticides. Mr. Singha concluded his talk by mentioning that even after these beneficial factors, there is lack of awareness among the farmers.

After this awakening documentation, a faculty member and one of the renowned herpetologists of Assam, Professor Saibal Sengupta addressed the audience and aroused their curiosity with new prospects. He spoke on the sufferings of frogs because of rising anthropological activities. He heralded that a small aquatic system is suffice for the frogs to breed, and forewarned the participants about the importance of keeping aquatic systems clean and healthy. After this didactic demonstration, Dr. Prasanta Kr. Choudhury, Director School of Life Sciences spoke about the glory of India in being the biggest exporter of frogs till 1985 until a ban was imposed on the export in 1987 and expressed his gratitude to the speakers and participants. The entire session was an eye opener on the important roles played by frogs in the ecological balance and the need to conserve them. Mr. Chandan Das concluded the event with a vote of thanks. The event was attended by 104 participants.