Short term Course on Application of Soft Computational Tools in the Field of Science and Technology (STCSCT)

The Department of Electronics and Communication of Don Bosco College of Engineering and Technology, successfully organized a two-week workshop on Application of Soft Computational Tools in the field of Science and Technology. The main aim of the workshop was to develop an understanding of soft computational tools and familiarize the participants on emerging techniques and their applications in engineering and technology and thereby sharpen their basic skills in Matlab, Scilab and Labview.


The workshop began on 17th June at 9:30 a.m. with the welcome address by Dr. Sunandan Baruah, Convener, STCSCT2013, HOD, ECE Department. The welcome address was followed by a speech from Fr. Stephen Mavely, Vice Chancellor, ADBU and also a Patron of STCSCT. In his short speech, Fr. Mavely spoke about the importance of pursuing one’s passion and the spirit of team work. The speech was followed by a message from Prof. Manoranjan Kalita, the Principal of DBCET, who extended his wishes to the participants and the workshop a grand success. The inaugural session was followed by an Invited talk on ‘Soft Computing Tool’ delivered by Dr. Kandarpa Kumar Sarma, Associate Professor, Dept. of ECT, Gauhati University who spoke on the three recent and important soft computing tools such as Artificial Neural Network (ANN), Fuzzy logic and Genetic algorithm (GA).He emphasized on the different types of ANNs and their applications, the basic concepts such as different states and types of Fuzzy systems and implementation of Genetic Algorithm. This was followed by an

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Extensive Session on Introduction to Matlab covering all the basic concepts of Matlab.


In the successive days the workshop focused on systematic sessions on various modules of Matlab ranging from Electromagnetic Field Theory,

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Digital Signal Processing, Bio-Medical Signal Processing etc. The workshop consisted of extensive lectures and practical sessions conducted by both academicians and industry personnel covering module after module, while making the participants analyze and understand the significance of these tools in research and actual problem solving. A lecture and practical session on Basic introduction to Scilab was also held with an aim to make the participants aware of the open source tool and understand its importance. The last two days of workshop consisted of practical sessions on Labview by a resource person from Adlabs Solutions, Kolkata.


The workshop was attended by 97 participants consisting of undergraduate and post graduate students, research scholars and engineering faculties from Don Bosco University as well as from the different parts of the country. The heterogeneity and the number of the participants reflected the success the workshop had achieved. Also one of the participants from Hyderabad, Dr. Prabhakar Rao, HOD, ECE, JNTU Kakinada gave a brief talk on career prospects for engineering graduates, focusing on various opportunities and the requirements for both job placement as well as higher studies.


An Invited talk on “Engineering Education” was delivered by Dr. Nabajit Saikia, Associate Professor, Assam Engineering College, Guwahati on the concluding day, i.e. 29th June, 2013. Dr. Saikia in his talk, spoke about the various challenges, threats and opportunities lying before the Engineers today and the responsibility that the engineers have towards the society and more importantly towards our NATURE. The talk focused on the different pressing issues in the research and education scenario in India today. In this speech, Dr. Saikia explained the interdependency of various fields of Engineering and said the day is not far when all fields of Engineering and Technology shall be integrated. He concluded his thought provoking talk captivating the attention of the listeners and making them think about the importance of bringing about sustainable development in India.


To mark the completion of the Workshop, a valedictory function was held on 29th of June, 2013. Speaking on this occasion, Fr. Stephen Mavely, Vice Chancellor, Assam Don Bosco University mentioned that he was ‘impressed by the activities of STCSCT 2013 and assured full support for such programmes in the future. To thank the organizers and show his appreciation, Fr. Mavely invited the entire organizing team of STCSCT 2013 on the dais while the audience gave them a standing ovation amidst loud applause as a sign of appreciation for their selfless work.