The workshop on Financial and Tax Literacy Drive in collaboration with ICAI, New Delhiwas conducted by the Department of Commerce on 22nd November, 2023 with Ms Neha Gaggar, Chartered Accountant as the resource person.

Ms Neha started the session with asking the students basic questions like – what is income? and what is expenditure?  After that she explained what are the benefits and importance of investment as a young generation with a very beautiful video. Later she explained about the mutual fund and added how we can do investment in mutual fund if one doesn’t have much knowledge about the market. She added that mutual fund acts as a mediator where it takes the amount from you and invest it in the right platform.

She also highlighted about the two major life based financial risk i.e risk of dying early and risk of living too much. She mentioned that before this type of risks arise, one should have life insurance, health insurance and do retirement savings etc.

She also discussed about the current account, savings account, debit card and credit card. She explained how CIBIL score in credit card work by giving some examples in interacting with the students to make it more interesting.

The workshop ended with a vote of thanks from the Dr. Biju Mani Das, Head, Department of Commerce.