The Department of Physic, Assam Don Bosco University (ADBU) organized a one-day Workshop on Basic Plasma Physics on 1st September, 2023. This is a kind of annual workshop which the department has been organizing since 2018.

The main objective of this workshop was to provide basic knowledge and awareness about plasma and its applications among undergraduate and postgraduate students of different Colleges and Universities.

The first technical session of this workshop comprised of two invited talks. The first invited talk was delivered by Dr. Yoshiko Bailung from Goalpara College, in which she explained the basic concepts of plasma and its historical developments. She also discussed some of the plasma experiments on dusty plasma and its importance in space physics.

In the second invited talk, Dr. Binita Borgohain discussed briefly the role of plasma in technological developments as well as in biomedical applications with some interesting examples. The entire session was very interactive and the speakers answered multiple queries raised by the participants.

In the second technical session of the workshop, the participants were taken to the CPP-IPR, Nazirakhat, Sonapur, for laboratory visit. During this visit, different laboratory plasma setups (such as double plasma device, pulsed plasma device, rf plasma system etc.) were demonstrated to the participants. In this session, the participants explored different experimental setups and related research topics and also interacted with the scientists and research scholars of CPP-IPR.

A total of 43 students participaed in this workshop out of which 24 were from ADBU and 19 were from other colleges.