The Governor of Assam, Shri Gulab Chand Kataria constituted Peer Groups of Heads of Higher Education Institutions in Assam for visiting various Higher Education Institutions in the state of Assam as a peer mutual learning and sharing exercise. Fr. (Dr) Jose Palely, the Vice Chancellor is among the Peer Team I and the team visited Assam Agricultural University, Jorhat on 17th January 2024.

According to Raj Bhavan, the Peer Group will have a comprehensive understanding of the academic and operational aspects of the institutions visited and take stock of implementation of various aspects of NEP 2020 in the Institutions and issues arising therefrom. In addition, it is envisaged that these visits will result in mutual sharing of the best practices and possibilities of improvement in the universities as the intention of this exercise is improvement and exchange of Best Practices where applicable rather than fault finding.