The University on 26th evening bade farewell to Fr. C.M Paul, the leader of Social Networking and the pioneer and former Head of Department of Mass Communication, and Fr. Paul Pudussery, the pioneer and Head of Department of Education at the University.

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In an evening get together held at the Conference Hall a number of farewell speeches were delivered with each speaker sharing about how their lives have been touched by these two amazing educators and networking experts, whose presence in the University have brought in various developments in their areas of expertise in the University.

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The Vice Chancellor, Fr. (Dr.) Stephen Mavely, giving glimpses of how these two educators work said, “Fr. Paul Pudussery is a man of restless action, brimming with ideas who crisscross the country for seminars and workshops and animation series…indefatigable! We will miss his lively and energizing presence in the University. And, Fr. CM Paul, a networking expert par excellence, who has always been up to date and in touch with the latest events around the world…a gentle critic, a warm hearted person and a restless soul till the work is done. We will miss his friendly presence in the University”.

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Both of them have completed 3 years in the University and their congregations have given them new assignments. Fr. Paul Pudussery will be working in Sumer, Meghalaya while Fr. CM Paul will be leaving for Sonada, West Bengal.

The University wishes them well and pray that life will treat them kindly; that God will keep blessing everything that they put their hearts and minds to.