Ref. No. F009/JJ/23-018 dated 25 August 2023


The Board of Management of Assam Don Bosco University has decided to hold the Twelfth Convocation of the University on Saturday, 23 September 2023, at 4.30 pm, at its Tapesia campus.

A Convocation is a solemn ceremony at which the University formally awards degrees and certificates to the graduating students. All graduating students of the year 2023 are encouraged to exercise this privilege of participating in this memorable event in your life, the Convocation Ceremony. 

Important guidelines for the graduating students of 2023:

  1. To participate in the Convocation (in person or in absentia), registration is mandatory. Complete your registration for this Convocation on or before 07 September 2023.
    1. To register for the Convocation and to pay the Convocation Fees, login to your student portal ( and select REGISTER FOR CONVOCATION.
    1. Please note that Convocation Fee payment details are required to complete the registration.
  2. The Convocation Fee entitles you to, and covers the cost of, the following documents: Graduation Certificate, Proficiency Certificate and the Transcript.
  3. These documents will be available from the University Offices after the Convocation on production of proof of payment of the Convocation Fees.

Awards, Gold Medals and Publications:

  1. Gold medals will be awarded at the Convocation to the graduates with the highest CGPA in each programme and in each discipline as indicated in the regulations of the University (provided the CGPA is not less than 8.00 for Programmes in Science and Technology, and not less than 7.50 for Programmes in Humanities and Social Sciences, and Commerce and Management) 
  2. The Chancellor’s Medal (for outstanding contribution to campus life – from among the Postgraduate students) and the Vice Chancellor’s Medal (for outstanding contribution to campus life – from among the Graduate students) will also be awarded on the occasion. The recipients of these medals will be intimated personally.
  3. Fr. Stephen Mavely Gold Medal 2023 to a student who demonstrates academic excellence, involvement in extra-curricular activities, commitment to social justice and a spirit of service.  The medal is constituted by Prof. Ashoke Kumar Dutta.
  4. Shri. J.N. Bawri Memorial Gold Medal, to recognize and celebrate the academic excellence and exemplary contributions of the best student graduating each year.  Besides outstanding academic achievement, the recipient should have demonstrated a deep sense of social responsibility, leadership qualities, and a commitment to making a positive impact on society.  The medal is constituted by Shri. Vijaye Bawri.
  5. Partha De Gold Medal to the best student in the MSc Psychology Program who demonstrates the highest level of academic achievement and strongest commitment to the counselling profession.  The medal is constituted by Shri. Amiya Kanti Dey, Partha De Foundation.
  6. A special issue of ‘Spark’, the University Newsletter, is being published on the occasion of the Eleventh Convocation.  The graduating students are welcome to send a paragraph or two of reminiscences on their life in the University for Publication in this issue of the Newsletter. Kindly email your inputs, together with passport size photograph to: [email protected] (not later than 07September 2023).

Registrar, Assam Don Bosco University

Tapesia Garden, Sonapur, Assam – 782402