Assam Don Bosco University’s CARRENNO & BURNS HALL HOSTELS new warden Fr Abhilash VJ launched a series of training programme for students of the hostel, 26 March 2014.


The one hour long session (7-8 pm) are held for batches of students according to their stay on the various floors of the two hostels (UG & PG). Each group consists of some 60-70 students. It takes four sessions to cover a topic for all hostellers.

The first session by presented by ADBU Registrar Dr Basil Koikara was entitled: LEARN YOUR LESSONS WELL.

Dr Basil taught the students EFFECTIVE STUDY METHODS such as “Techniques of note taking during a lecture, Note keeping methods, Techniques for smart web searches, and studying for examinations: The SQ3R (Survey, Question, Read, Recall and Revise) method of study.

Dr Basil assured the students who can follow the SQ3R method (just twice) even for a subject, an assured a minimum score of 60-80 per cent easily.

Today, Thursday (27 March) Mr Adrian Rosario of Infinity Consultancy Services Mumbai will hold a session (3 successive days) to cover all three groups of hostel boys. The topic: Corporate Communication Skills. Time: 7-8 pm. Venue: Hostel Recreation Centre.