Mr. K.M. Baharul Islam became the third person to present pre-submission presentation for PhD course at Assam Don Bosco University. The first two presentations were held in April 2014.


Mr. Islam’s presentation under the supervision of Dr Subhram Rajkhowa Professor at Postgraduate Department of Law, Guwahati University was entitled: Transitional Justice in Post Peace Agreement Societies: A Comparative Study of the Assam and Mizo Peace Accords.

Presenting his findings Mr. Islam argued that “Western concepts of transitional justice with emphasis on retributive justice is not applicable to ensure peace.”

Mr. Islam currently chairperson of Planning and Development as well as Chair, Centre for Public Policy & Government at IIM Kashipur in Uttarakhand state insisted that “transparent and participatory approach is preferred and there is a sense of closure and justice that dawns upon the victims.”

He also highlighted the contribution of his study as developing a new Model Framework of Indicators (MFI) of success for peace accords based on perception – responses of the stake holders and citizens.

Drawing on his vast experience working with the United Nations for Peace Accords in Ruwanda, Cambodia, Sierra Leone, Sudan, and elsewhere, Mr Islam listed the four pillars of MFI as: a) achievement of Accord Agenda, b) Social Engineering and Development, c) Justice Delivery and Governance, d) Security and Risks.

The PhD Research panelists on 27 June included: Vice-Chancellor Dr Stephen Mavely, Guide Dr Sbhram Rajkhowa, ADBU HoD Education Dr Paul Pudussery, and Director of Research Prof. JN Vishwakarma.