The Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (EEE) organized a symposium on Electrical Machine Design for the EEE students with an aim to boost the knowledge and understanding of the students in this area, 4th March 2016.

Prof. P.K Bordoloi, HOD of Applied Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering Department, GIMT delivered the technical talk.

The talk began with the basics of electrical machines, their principles, classifications, importance and depth of the knowledge on Machine Design and went on to the specifications of different types of machines and their applications in various fields.


Prof. Bordoloi also explained in detail, the various working circuits in electrical machines and different types of core material, winding connections, types of cooling and insulating materials etc. used for electrical machines. He further illustrated the constructional design of rotating DC and AC machines, and lastly he talked about the different types of transformers and its features.

Electrical Machines is considered as one of the core areas of Electrical Engineering and Electrical Machine Design is an important area of learning in Electrical Machines.