The Department of Civil Engineering organized a one week survey camp for the 5th Semester students of Civil Engineering, 7-12 December 2015.

The camp held at an open area of 20 acres belonging to STD Brick Industries, near the Azara Campus of the University. Over 60 students took part in learning different surveying techniques through various activities under the guidance of Mr Anup Koushik Sharma, Assistant Professor, Department of Civil Engineering and the Laboratory Assistants of the Department.

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The participants went through a hands-on experience in using theodolite, cross staff, levelling  staff, tapes, plane table and total station which they had learned in theory. The survey camp aimed at equipping the participants with necessary set of skills that will enable them to follow effectively field procedures required for mapping/alignment of a survey project.

During this camp, the participants were also required to compile data captured throughout the camp for further interpretation and analysis, and to later prepare drawings and reports based on the same.

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