The MOOCS Spoken Tutorial has been installed on our University LAN. A snapshot of the page giving access to Spoken Tutorials is given above.

The LAN also supports access to the official site: since the campus is wi-fi enabled with Internet access.


The Spoken Tutorial Project of NMEICT has selected our university as a Resource Centre working as the Knowledge Partner of IIT Bombay (IITB) for the state of Assam. On an average, 500 students of our university do online certification of Spoken Tutorial courses, every semester.


Our University has made it mandatory for our students to undergo the certification provided by the Spoken Tutorial Project from IITB, in the courses relevant to them, using the scores they obtain in this certification as a tool for giving marks for a part of their internal assessment in their relevant courses. This motivates the students to take these courses seriously and the certificates give them an advantage at the time of their placement interviews.


We encourage our students to undergo certification for programs that may not be in their syllabus, but could be useful to them. The faculty members teaching these courses in our university, particularly in the School of Technology, are given the charge to follow up the students and become their mentors. Some of the faculty members themselves do the certification tests to get an idea of the standard of these tests, to learn how multiple choice questions can be made effective in assessing the students’ knowledge and understanding. This knowledge helps them to set better question papers for our university’s own examinations.


Assam Don Bosco University got involved in this project in 2013. Since then a majority of our students have benefited from this program. The statistics of the workshops and online training conducted by us so far is given below:



Year No of workshops No of Participants No of online tests No of participants certified
2013 4 148 1 54
2014 6 137 0 0
2015 15 593 14 467
2016 19 769 13 450
2017 11 380 11 448
2018* 2 48 1 48

*As on 15 May 2018

Training                                                                Certification

To verify the statistics given above, visit the following link:


The courses which are considered for the students for spoken tutorial workshop/certification are given in the table below.


Advanced C Python PHPMySQL C++
Advanced C++ Blender GIMP Java
Advanced Java LibreOffice Suite Base LaTeX Scilab
Digital Electronics lab – Oscad