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A two week Short Term Course on Electronics Systems Design (STCESD) was conducted by the Department of Electronics and Communication from 31st May – 11th June, in collaboration with Tevatron Technologies Pvt. Ltd, Noida, Uttar Pradesh.

Speaking at the inaugural function held on 31st May, Mr. Aditya Mudgal, Trainer, Tevatron Technologies invited the students to make the best use of his expertise in the field of Embedded System throughout the workshop as much as possible.

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In this function, the Convener of the Workshop and HoD of the Department of Electronics and Communication, Prof. Sunandan Baruah expressed his hope for further collaboration with Tevatron and said that the workshop aimed to expose the particpants to three domains of Electronics – Embedded System (mainly AVR micro-controller), Cadence and Verilog.

AVR Microcontroller Session was conducted by Mr. Aditya Mudgal from from 31st May to 6th June, 2016. Some of the vital topics covered included LED Interfacing with AVR Micro-controller, DC Motor Interfacing with AVR , IR Sensor Module Detection, RFID Reader and Obstacle Avoider Robot.

Pn 7th and 8th June, Cadence Session was conducted by Mr. Basob Das and Mr. Agnimitra Borah. Assistant Professors of ECE Department at GIMT. During this sessions, some of the important topics covered were Inverter, Designing Transistor Switch Modules, Voltage Transfer Characteristics and Noise Margin Calculations.

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Verilog Session was conducted from 9th June to 11th June by Mr. Ujjwal Kaushik from Tevatron Technologies. Designing of Combinational Circuits, Gate Level Modeling, Dataflow Modeling were some of the important topics covered.
The workshop was concluded on 11th June with Mr. Mriganka Gogoi, Co-convener of the workshop giving an overview of the workshop.