The Department of Social Work had a one day seminar on “Child Health in India and Strategies for Improvement,” on 13th February 2015. Dr.Gayatri Bezboruah, the Professor of Paediatrics, Guwahati Medical College was the resource person for the seminar.


Over 40 students participated in the seminar along with the faculty members of the Department.

In the seminar, Dr. Gayatri, highlighted the importance of girls education and Childrens health care. She pointed out the birth and death ratio of children before attaining the age of five. “It was insightful to know that there are around 60 million malnourished children in India,” says Mamribha Laloo, a student of MSW.

Dr. Gayatri also highlighted the sex ratio of India, particularly of Assam as 954 girls for 1000 boys. She also pointed out that anaemia is one of the main factor for high death rate in Assam. One of the best ways to keep a new born baby healthy is breast feeding without feeding even water for the first six months. Dr. Gayatri also talked about the maternal mortality and infant mortality rates across the country, with special reference to NE India.

Touching more areas, Dr. Gayatri also said that Child abuse in NE is very high and worst than the whole country, and as HIV/AIDS is a fast spreading disease in NE, taking HIV test is a must for both the mother and the child.

Commending the Seminar, the Director of the School of Humanities and Social Sciences Dr. Riju said, “It was an eye-opener, packed with useful information specially for the ladies as they are the future mothers”. According to Asst. Professor Victor, the seminar was “interactive and enriching”.