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The University’s Tapesia Campus on 13th September, 2016 hosted Research Proposal Presentations for the very first time since classes started in the Campus on 18th August.

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Ten research scholars from various disciplines including Computer Science, Media Studies, Management, Electronics and Communication, North East Indian Studies etc presented their proposal to the Board of Research and an audience of a mixed academic backgrounds.

Scholars who presented their proposals are:

1. Satyabrata Borgohain
2. Aliya Marie Abreu
3. D’Silva Jovi Jose Salvador
4. Gunjan Gourav Borah
5. MC Rasmin
6. Payodhi Mukta Pradhan
7. Balmuri Marak
8. Monimugdha Bhuyan
9. Sanatan Kumar Nath
10. Sandhya Banti Dutta Borah

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