The University celebrated Republic Day 2023 with hoisting of Indian National Flag at the Rotunda of Tapesia Campus, followed by group songs, dance performance and speeches.

The programme began with hoisting of the National Flag by Fr. (Dr) Stephen Mavely, the founding Vice Chancellor of the University, followed by a pledge of allegiance to Indian National Flag administered by Deepa Leima, a final semester student of MA in English.

A beautiful rendition of ‘Vande Mataram’ was presented by the Department of Mathematics; a dance performance titled ‘Bharat Ki Beti’ and a speech by Arpit Gameti, final semester student of MSc Zoology followed.

Addressing the gathering, Arpit Gameti urged them to ‘Respect one another, respect other’s beliefs…respect other’s way of life’, saying ‘That is the key to mutual understanding and unity. To have an open mind and knowing that just as I think I am right, the person next to me can also be right’. A speech, pleading for unity.

Two more group songs followed this and a message from the Vice Chancellor, Fr (Dr) Stephen Mavely, who reminded the gathering that, ‘India has always been known for its tolerance and we have many well-known figures who lived up to that tradition. Are we losing that trait? All over the world, we are known to have this trait of tolerance, tolerance of all types, whether you belong to different tribes, cultures or religions. We want our minds to be unfettered by thinking that is of the nature that is not tolerating the person next to me, left or right, wanting them to think alike. This is a danger that we are facing very seriously today. We need young people who will come up in a society for their right, their right to think independently, their right to practice their religion, their way of life as long as it does not harm others. To blossom by yourself to blossom into the best you can be. So, let us pray today that this country will offer a space for each one of us to be what we want to be, to have freedom of thoughts, worships and a way of life.

The function ended with a prayer for our country by Ms Mebari V Dorphang, Assistant Professor, Department of Zoology.