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The Red Ribbon Club of the School of Technology organized a drawing competition on the theme “Aids Awareness: Prevention Only, No Cure” on 24 March 2014 at 12 noon in the Atrium. Both the undergraduate and the post graduate students participated in this event.

The competition was aimed at creating awareness among the youth about the dangers of the killer disease. The best pictures depicting purpose were awarded cash prizes and the rest were encouraged with the consolation prizes for participating and showcasing their talent thus making the event a success.

Here are some of the participants:

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IMG_5685 (1280x853)IMG_5677 (1280x853)

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IMG_5689 (1280x853) IMG_5686 (1280x853) IMG_5683 (1280x853)


IMG_5681 (1280x853) IMG_5680 (1280x853) IMG_5682 (1280x853)