A symposium on Recent Trends in Electronics and Communication Engineering was organized by the Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering (ECE) on 17 September 2023 in collaboration with the Department of ECE, Gauhati University, Assam.

The symposium was conducted in blended mode of offline as well as online. The convener of the symposium, Dr. Kaustubh Bhattacharyya, Head, Department of ECE presented the overview of the symposium.  Technical session was presented by Dr. Kukil Khanikar, Assistant Professor, IIIT who delivered an inspiring talk on ‘A Brief Overview of Scope and Challenges in Application of AI/ML in Wireless Communication,”

The second technical talk was delivered by Dr. Sushanta Kundu, Scientific Officer, Water Resource Department, Government of Assam on the topic ‘Piezoelectric Vibration Based Energy Harvesting’ while the third technical session was presented by Prof. Kandarpa Kumar Sarma, ECE, Gauhati University on the topic ‘Futuristic Technologies in Electronics’. The fourth technical session was delivered by Mr. Manash Pratim Sarma, Assistant Professor, ECE, Gauhati University on ‘Energy Harvesting and Quantum Possibilities.”

The final talk was delivered by Dr. Abdul Shabir who discussed about reliability and quality and how it is crucial to choose to purchase and manufacture a product. Also, he discussed the LED light in detail. He mentioned the objectives that can be optimized in the process of manufacturing including manufacturing tests like MET, ALT, etc. Lastly, he discussed the academic scopes in Taiwan and also talked about the internship programmes available.

A total of 59 students and researchers participated in the symposium.