The PhD Coursework 2019 began on 25th March with an inaugural ceremony held at the auditorium of Academic Block I, Tapesia Campus.

Welcoming the Research Scholars, Prof. JN Vishwakarma, Director of Research informed that 66 research scholars have been admitted to the Doctoral Studies this year, in 23 thrust areas.

The Vice Chancellor, Fr (Dr) Stephen Mavely, in his address urged the students to explore ‘an area of study that evokes a passionate desire in you to delve deeper into it…If such passionate desire is not there, you will find it extremely difficult to sustain your interest. So, from day one, think about, look out for, reflect upon what is it that will keep you glued to an area of study that will perhaps change your life style and habits for the next two to three years…’ Warning against plagiarism, he added, “Plagiarism is an east temptation to appropriate someone else’s work and ideas and to present them as your own…great care has to be taken to do original work. Here at Don Bosco, we believe that research is hard work, serious work, systematic work and sustained work…the Research Director and Board of Research will follow upon your progress closely, that is a given…you will get the support you need…the rest depends on you.”

At the Inaugural Session, Prof Pawan Sharma, DBT Research Professor gave the Keynote Address. He advised the students, ‘to learn to deal things rationally and collaborate with people even with the ones you are competing with’ and ‘argue with the content of existing knowledge and actual observations, and never allow yourself to be limited by the lack of facilities – learn to make the best use of what is available in your hands”.

Dr. Peter Paul Hauhnar, the Development Officer administered oath taking for the students. The PhD Coursework will go on for 6 months, at the end of which there will be presentations and written examination.