“If your child gets educated they will have the ladder of knowledge. Nothing can be more valuable than gaining knowledge as much as he or she can while still young. Let them spread their wings through proper education. For some, money may be a problem but education should not be denied as it is the soul for the society. It is the most powerful weapon one can have. Teach your child to be a good example to the society by being regular to school.”

This was stated by Ms. Afrida Hussain, Bureau Head of Sahara Samay, while addressing the parents and guardians of Kamarkuchi village on Sunday.

The programme was a part of the ‘Nino Betismo 2018’ event being organized by the fourth semester students of M.A.  Mass Communication. The event aims to generate awareness on the importance of Child Education in the villages situated around the University  near Sonapur.

‘Nino Betismo 2018’ kicked off on 26 -28 March with a Fashion photo-shoot amongst the university fraternity. The main programme has been scheduled for 5th May at the university campus.

(as reported by Kasturi Suneth, MA Mass Com, Final Semester Student)