The Department of Commerce organized an ICSSR Sponsored Two-Day National Conference on India 2.0: Ideas of Self-Reliant Bharat and Actions @75 on 13-14 October 2023 at Azara Campus.

The inaugural programme was graced by the Chief Guest, Prof. Amarjyoti Choudhury, eminent educationist and the former Vice Chancellor of Gauhati University, Guests of Honour Prof. B. Panda, Honorary Director, ICSSR, Shillong and Prof. Nayan Barua, Retd. Professor, Dept. of Commerce, Gauhati University and dignitaries from the University.

Addressing the gathering, the Chief Guest, Prof. Choudhury congratulated the organizers for selecting a pertinent topic of national interest, as the topic very well connects to all the areas of Commerce and Economics as well as to the country’s growth and development. He mentioned in his speech the importance of proper distribution of wealth among all people and emphasized the importance of developing infrastructure of a country. His address was followed by speeches from Prof. B. Panda and Prof. Nayan Barua.

The keynote address was delivered by Prof. Munindra Kakati, Professor, Department of Management, Gauhati University and Former Vice Chancellor, Assam Rajiv Gandhi University of Cooperative Management, Sivasagar. Prof. Kakati mentioned at the very outset that the topic is a highly debatable one. He discussed at length in his speech about the key drivers of GDP of a nation as well as the five important pillars of Self-reliant Bharat. He concluded his speech by mentioning that our country has enough potential by working hand in hand with the Central Govt. and State Governments as well as institutions for achieving self-reliant Bharat.

The first technical session with the theme Human Development for Self – Reliant Bharat was chaired by Prof. Aparajeeta Borkakoty, co-chaired by Dr. Devajeet Goswami. There were a total of 3 paper presentations in the first technical session while the second technical session with the theme namely “Agriculture and Rural Development Bharat’ chaired by Prof. Joydeep Baruah and co-chaired by Dr. Sinmoy Goswami had 9 Total nine paper presentations.

The Third technical session under the theme ‘Innovative Venture for Self Reliant Bharat’ was chaired by Prof. P. K. Jain, Professor, Dept. of Management, Gauhati University and co-chaired by Dr. Rupam Sarma, Asst. Prof. Dept. of Computer Application, Rajiv Gandhi University, Arunachal Pradesh where 12 papers were presented. The fourth technical session with the theme ‘Digital Technologies, E-Commerce and E-Governance for Self Reliant Bharat’ was chaired by Prof. Bhaskarjyoti Bora, Professor, Department of Commerce, Gauhati University and co-chaired by Dr. Bikramjit Goswami, Associate Professor, Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Assam Don Bosco university. A total of eight number of papers were presented.

The plenary session was hosted by Dr. Rashmita Baruah, Asst. Professor, Don Bosco University. This session had speakers including Amrit Pal Singh, Head of Dept. of Commerce, Dean, Faculty of Commerce and Management at Gauhati University; Dr. Bezborah a retired Professor of Commerce and Management from Dibrugarh University, Assam; Rajarshi Sharma who is currently heading the North East Entrepreneurship Development Program for IIM Calcutta Innovation Park

The fifth session, themed “Trade & Export and Tourism Industries for Self Reliant Bharat,” was led by Prof. Pranjal Bezborah, Retd. Professor from Dibrugarh University, with Dr. Kaustubh Bhattacharyya, Asst. Professor in the Dept. of Electronics and Communications Engineering at ADBU, as the co-chair. Notably, 12 papers were presented during this session. Similarly, the sixth technical session, focusing on “Green Technologies and its implications for Self Reliant Bharat,” was headed by Prof. Amrit Pal Singh, Dean of the Faculty of Commerce at Gauhati University, and co-chaired by Dr. Rashmita Barua, Asst. Prof in the Dept. of Management at ADBU. This session showcased 11 papers.

The seventh session, dedicated to “Financial & Social Inclusion for Self Reliant Bharat,” was chaired by Prof. Tasi Kaye from Rajiv Gandhi (Central) University, Arunachal Pradesh, alongside Dr. Runumoni Lahkar Das from K C Das Commerce College, Guwahati-Assam, as co-chair where Fourteen papers were presented.

The eighth technical session, themed “Infrastructure Development & Foreign Investments for Self Reliant Bharat,” was chaired by Prof. Prashanta Sharma from the Department of Commerce at Gauhati University, with Dr. Bikramjit Goswami, Associate Professor, Department, as co-chair where a total of 6 papers were presented.

The conference ended with a Valedictory session where certificates were distributed.