The Multidisciplinary Innovation Challenge Competition was organized by the Directorate of Interdisciplinary Research (IDR), ADBU on the 10th of May 2024 at the Academic Building, Block 5, Tapesia Campus. This event seeks to promote interdisciplinary collaboration among students and encourage innovative thinking across a variety of fields.

The competition began with opening remarks from Dr. Lima Hazarika, the convenor. This was followed by a brief introduction from Dr. Monmoyuri Baruah, Director of the IDR, who also formally welcomed and honored the invited judges. Dr. Baruah stressed the critical role of interdisciplinary collaboration and creative problem-solving in fostering innovation. She encouraged participants to embrace teamwork and cross-disciplinary thinking. The objective of the competition is to foster creativity and innovation among students from all departments and schools, providing a platform to showcase their ideas and work. Additionally, the event aims to bring together students and faculty from different disciplines to share and discuss innovative research ideas.

A total of 27 participants registered from both the Campus registered for the competition, presenting a wide range of innovative ideas and projects from diverse fields. Some of the notable presentations included- Reconstruction of Non-Pair Human Bone Using Artificial Intelligence, that focused on using AI algorithms to reconstruct human bone structures for medical purposes. Using AI in Healthcare Sector, which explored the potential of AI in improving healthcare delivery and patient outcomes. Beccalia, a business idea with a focus on sustainable practices and ecological responsibility. Renaissance, A sustainable fashion brand that focus on upcycling and ethical practices seeking innovative ways to create stylish yet environmentally responsible clothing.

Each participant delivered a comprehensive presentation, outlining their project’s objectives, methodologies, and potential impact. The judges were impressed with the depth of research and the creativity demonstrated by the participants. The competition was judged by a panel of experts from various disciplines:
•Dr. Rakesh Moulick, Scientific Officer D, Centre of Plasma Physics, Institute for Plasma Research
•Dr. Supriyo Sen, Assistant Professor, Dept. of Biosciences, ADBU
•Dr. Abhijit Bora, Assistant Professor, Dept. of Computer Applications, ADBU
•Dr. Abdur Rashid Ahmed, HOD, Dept. of Economics, ADBU

The evaluation process was conducted with the utmost integrity and confidentiality. All judges signed a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) to ensure that the ideas and intellectual property presented during the competition remained protected. This agreement emphasized the importance of safeguarding the participants’ innovative concepts and maintaining confidentiality throughout the evaluation process. The judges used a comprehensive scoring system, evaluating each presentation based on innovation, feasibility, communication clarity, potential impact and Q&A session. They provided valuable feedback to participants, recognizing their innovative efforts while suggesting areas for further development.
The competition was both challenging and inspiring, with students presenting sharp innovative ideas and product development plans. The winners of the competition will receive mentorship from industry experts and scientists to further develop their projects and attract funding. This mentorship program is designed to support the winning projects in reaching their full potential and to encourage continued innovation.
Overall, the Multidisciplinary Innovation Challenge Competition was a resounding success. The event provided a platform for students to showcase their talents and inspired them to continue pursuing innovative endeavors. With final remarks from the Director and the Invited Judges, the competition concluded on a high note, celebrating the creativity and innovative spirit of all participants.