Fr. Guillermo Basanes, Mission Counsellor, as Extraordinary Visitor representing the Rector Major of the Salesians visited the University on 9-12 May 2016. Fr. Basanes, originally from Argentina and currently residing in Rome had been making the extraordinary visitation of 28 centres of the Salesian province of Guwahati spread out in parts of Assam and Meghalaya since 19 February 2016.

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During his visit Father Basanes sat down with each Salesian of the University for a one on one interaction and also interacted with the Board of Management, Governing Body, Heads of Departments and the faculty members of the University.

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Addressing a group of 120 faculty members on 10th May, Fr Basanes urged the faculty to “fight globalization of indifference with service”. He also challenged the faculty members of the Schools of Technology, Humanities & Social Sciences, and Life Sciences asking, “What creative contribution have you done in the last five years?”

While complimenting the faculty for their commitment in mentoring students, Father Basanes underlined the fact that “Young people are the powerful creative resource of the present, not of the future”.

“You are blessed with so many creative young people ready to serve,” Father Basanes said recalling the motto of the current academic year “Don`t be afraid to fly” he added “Don`t be afraid to fly – to serve.”

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Students should be encouraged to fly high so that they could serve better said the Mission Counselor recalling the words of Pope Francis who warned world leaders of “the growing globalization of indifference.”

Young generation should be helped to be socially committed and be creative said Fr Basanes posing a question, “Are you promoting young generation by empowering them to serve?”

He also emphasized the fact that “diversity of young people with togetherness is our strength.”

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In an hour long interactive session, Father Basanes fielded several questions and had a sampling of the best practices initiated by various faculty members.

Born in Washington (USA) to Argentinean parents Fr Basanes had his initial Salesian training in Argentina before venturing into the African Mission of Angola.

Over two decades of missionary life in Africa, he served the Salesian missions in various capacities. He was elected as the Mission Superior for the Salesian Missions worldwide at the last General chapter held in Rome in April 2014.