A group of B.Tech final year students of Mechanical Engineering won “Best Poster Presentation”  in the Poster Presentation competition at the recently concluded Research Conclave 2018 held at IIT Guwahati.

Research Conclave’18 is a prestigious research event organized by Indian Institute of Technology, Guwahati from 8-11th of March, 2018 where students from IITs, NITs, Govt./Private institutions from all the parts of India as well as abroad competed.

The title of the work for which they have been awarded is Coupled Regenerative Braking and Suspension System which described an innovative system by the implementation of which a portion of the waste energy during braking and actuation of suspension can be harvested in the form of electrical energy. The system has a huge potential of reducing environmental pollution due to toxic gas emissions from the normal vehicles. This system will be helpful in the future design and conceptualization of different electric and hybrid vehicles in which it will help in assisting in the starting torque of the engine, during the time of cruising by cutting the fuel supply line and operating the vehicle on the regenerated energy etc. The system has the capability to generate energy from the uneven roads, speed breaker etc.

The students who presented this project were Sourav Gogoi, Johny Champramary, Debasish Kerketta, Chigam D Shira and Manoj Naidu. The research was conducted under the guidance and supervision of  Pranjal Sarma, Assistant Professor of the Department of Mechanical Engineering.