The Institute of Pharmacy organized the first of its Special Lecture Series titled ‘Drug Discovery and Essential Contribution of Pharmacy Graduates’ on 29th November 2023 through hybrid mode with Dr. Kuntal Manna, Associate Professor & Head, Department of Pharmacy, Tripura University as the resource person.

The lecture aimed to provide students with in-depth insights into drug discovery, exposing them to the latest industry trends while focusing on skill development for careers in research.

The speaker began by emphasizing the impact of pharmaceutical innovations on the quality of life. He highlighted the essential role that new drugs play in addressing unmet medical needs, improving patient outcomes, and enhancing overall well-being. He touched various steps in drug discovery including – new drug discovery and development, time and financial resources required, R&D pipeline for pre-clinical and clinical studies, and approval process.

The lecture also emphasized on the vital role pharmacy graduates play in drug development, discussed various career paths, encouraged research, and the importance of collaboration among professionals. He also gave a detailed explanation on the intricate processes involved in bringing new drugs to the market.