A two day workshop was conducted on Journaling: A technique for personal and academic Growth on 6 -8 January 2015 for the students of Education and Mass Communication.

Journaling is a strategy for making sense of individuals experiences, each students is required to maintain a reflective journal, using the Visible Thinking Routine as a critical structure for guiding their journal writing. The students are to submit the journal on every Friday. Journaling have to be done six days of the week. At the end of the semester student will be awarded a grade/marks after assessing the learning.

The objective of journaling is to develop in students a reflection that can be described as an inner dialogue with oneself whereby a person calls forth his or her own experiences, beliefs, and perceptions about an idea; informing and transforming functions of knowledge; and a conscious and systematic mode of thought.  This is to nurture in future educational leaders a sense of reflective practice.

Dr. Kyoko Mary Toyama – Baruah of LaGuardia Community College of City University of New York, discussed with the students the psychological aspects of counseling. Dr. Dominic Meyieho dealt in detail about how to engage in critical thinking and reading. Dr. Paul Pudussery walked the students through visible thinking. C. M Paul, Machun Kamei and Kaushik Bhuyan taught the students how to maintain the journal.