The Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering organized an Invited Talk on Electrical Safety by Mr. Bicky Kumar Paul, an alumnus of the Department, on 7 October 2023. Mr. Paul is Regional Team Lead, Eastern India and Bangladesh, Rotork India, a unit of Rotork PLC, UK.

The speaker discussed various electrical hazards, including electric shocks, burns, and fires and emphasized the importance of understanding the nature of these hazards to mitigate risks effectively. He also gave an overview of international and local safety standards and regulations related to electrical systems and appliances. The speaker highlighted the importance of compliance with these standards to ensure the safety of both individuals and properties. Practical tips and preventive measures were shared to minimize the risks associated with electricity. This included proper installation and maintenance of electrical systems, the use of circuit breakers and safety switches, and regular inspections of wiring and appliances.

The talk also focused on electrical safety in the workplace. The speaker discussed safe work practices, the use of personal protective equipment (PPE), and guidelines for working in proximity to live electrical equipment. Information on how to respond in the event of an electrical accident was provided. This included first aid measures for electric shock victims and the importance of contacting emergency services promptly. The speaker emphasized the role of communities in promoting electrical safety and discussed the importance of awareness campaigns, educational initiatives, and involving local authorities to ensure that safety measures are implemented effectively.

Following the presentation, an interactive Q&A session allowed the audience to ask specific questions related to their concerns about electrical safety. The speaker provided detailed and insightful answers, addressing various scenarios and concerns raised by the participants.

The invited talk on electrical safety proved to be highly informative and beneficial, equipping the audience with valuable knowledge and skills to enhance electrical safety in their personal lives and workplaces. The event highlighted the significance of continuous education and awareness in preventing electrical accidents and ensuring the well-being of communities. Participants left the talk with a heightened awareness of electrical hazards and a commitment to implementing safety measures in their daily lives.