The Master of Social Work 3rd semester students facilitated the celebration of 14th International Youth Day, Monday 12th August with an exhibition of cartoons and

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posters depicting youth related issues (drug abuse, sexual violence, and spread of HIV/AIDS) displayed all over the college atrium, conducting the morning assembly and organizing a street play.


The MSW choir sang a song dedicated to young people, and one of the MSW students Veronica Nriame spoke on the theme of the International Youth Day 2013: Youth Migration: Moving Development Forward.’


Youth are recognized as one of the most mobile social groups in the context of migration –forming about 30% of international migrants!

She said, “Very little is known about the livelihood struggles and opportunities that migration presents for young migrants and other youth who are affected by migration. We need to raise awareness about the situation of these young people as well as the role of youth-led organizations in addressing migration issues!”

She encouraged young people to be change agents and quoted Gandhiji’s dictum “Be the change you want to see.”

Ms Veronica reminded fellow students and faculty, “a change agent is fueled by passion, and inspires passion in others… a passion for a positive change, a passion for a better Humanity, a passion for a better world, the passion of the volunteer. Youths can create a compassionate environment that often makes life work both for individual and for society in general.”

The street play enacted by the students was based on issues that are faced by the youth today like unemployment (which often resulted to youth in North-East India joining insurgent groups), substance abuse, poverty, broken families, peer pressure etc. The play clearly showed how, in spite of these obstacles, the youth today can find strength to break through and follow the right path.