As a part of the regular field visit, a group of 27 students from B.Tech. 8th semester and 2 faculty member of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (EEE) Department, visited the site of 400 KV Grid Sub-Station under AEGCL situated at Kukurmara, Mirza (Assam) on 28 February 2019.

Mr. Rakesh Shah from AEGCL guided the students’ visit in which they learned about various equipments and sections of the substation. Mirza substation has two incoming lines from Bongaigaon and Silchar. The substation has six transformers (to step down to a voltage of 200KV, 132KV, 33KV) and one auxiliary transformer of 80 KVA 33/0.415 kV to supply the loads in the substation. The students also visited the control room of the substation that consists of computerized system, two surge panels (which are connected with various equipment using optical fiber cables), relay units, etc. In addition, the students were explained about the different parts of the substation, viz. lighting arresters and post insulators, CVTs with wave traps (for PLC purpose), earth switches, line reactor of 3 MVAR (used with the line incoming from Silchar to compensate for reactive power), CTs and PTs, Bus reactor, SF6 CBs etc.

Two of the faculty members from EEE department- Mr. Sunil Deka and Mr. Papul Changmai accompanied the students. The purpose of the visit was to give an idea to the students about the real world operations of electrical systems and related issues and to bridge the industry-academia gap.