The Academic Year Inauguration for the new session of 2018-19 was held at both the main campus of the University – Tapesia Campus, and Azara Campus of the University which hosts the School of Technology, on 25th July 2018.

The University has introduced few more courses this year including, BSc in Physics, Chemistry, Maths, BA in Economics, MSc in Mathematics, MA in English and Master of Commerce.

Both campuses had similar programme which included introduction of faculty and staff (a power point presentation), explanation of academic calendar and examination processes, presentation of various activities for student development, prayer dance and speeches.

Inauguration at Tapesia

The programme at Tapesia began with lighting of the lamp by the Chief Guest – Prof. David R Syiemlieh, former Chairman of the Union Public Service Commission, dignitaries of the University, student and faculty representatives. This was followed by a beautiful prayer dance performed by a dance troupe.

After felicitating the toppers from various of last semester examination, Chief Guest, Prof David R Syiemlieh addressed the gathering. He congratulated the students for having crossed another mile in their journey as they embark upon a new journey and added, “I wish you all the very best as you take the journey of your life ahead…and as you grow in wisdom and grace, make a positive impact on all you meet and interact with”. Prof. Syiemlieh also shared the mottos of the institutions he graduated from and how those mottos shaped his life as he urged the students to ‘Live the motto of the University ‘carpe diem’ – seize the day, enjoy your life while you can”.

Fr. (Dr) Stephen Mavely, the Vice Chancellor, introduced the theme of the year ‘We are the choices we make’ which is inspired by a poem ‘The Road not Taken’ by Robert Frost. After explaining the many choices we face every day and how the choices we make impact our life, he said, “Life is all about ‘choices’… They define the tenor and tone of our journey through life… We are the choices we make… A new Academic Year is just taking off… an year brimming with possibilities of all kinds… Life offers no easy balm for ‘regrets’… Choose well – We are the choices we make!

Inauguration at Azara

At Azara Campus, welcoming the students and parents, the Director of the School of Technology, Prof. Manoranjan Kalita assured them of the commitment of the University, saying, “Your success is our goal. We are here for you, to guide you in your journey and keep your head held high for you are now a member of the Don Bosco family”.

Dr. Anil Kapur, President, Sales and Marketing, Meghalaya Cements Ltd., the Chief Guest shared the story of his life – the hardships and challenges he had faced to be where he is today and encouraged the students, saying, “The secret to success is to never ever give up. There will be hardships and challenges as you journey ahead to test how much you want it”.

The Pro Vice Chancellor of the University, Fr. Joseph Nellanatt spoke on the vision of the university- ‘to mould intellectually competent, morally upright, socially committed and spiritually inspired human beings’ and urged the student to live with dignity, compassion and happiness, remembering that God loves everyone unconditionally and abundantly.