A hospitality consultancy services was provided at the Restaurant, Block V, Assam Don Bosco University by Department of Hospitality and Hotel Administration. Chef Manas Sarkar took the initiative and planned a detailed Food & Beverage Menu for the delegates and participants of the workshop named “Climate vulnerability Assessment of the selected fish species in the North East India” organized by the Department of Zoology.

B.Sc. HHA 6th and 2nd Semester students along with Chef Manas Sarkar and faculty of Department of Hospitality & Hotel administration showed their skills and knowledge in the field of hospitality and completed this consultancy with good notes. This consultancy service was for 5 days and the students of HHA learned the basics of Team Management, Food Cost and Indent Management also along with how to minimize the food waste during the operational hour in the Food & Beverage sector of the hospitality organizations. It was a good opportunity for the students as they got to work in a real-life situation.