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Following up Friday lecture series, Mr. Alok Choudhury, Assistant Professor at AssamDonBoscoUniversity Dept. of Computer Science & Engineering and Information Technology presented a research project carried out last year at: CSIR C-MMACS, Bangalore, 4th April.

The study undertaken under the guidance of two eminent scientists Dr. K C Gouda, and Dr. G.K. Patra, CSIR-CMMACS, NAL was entitled: Performance Evaluation of High Resolution Weather Model on Distributed Computing System.

Explaining his project Mr Choudhury said, “High Performance Computing (HPC) is the system that described by several computing parameters like the processing speed in terms of floating point operations per second(FLOPS), which utilizes the computing power of parallel processors in distributed environment for scientific calculations.”

“It is used for calculating intensive tasks such as molecular modeling, weather survey, quantum physics etc. that requires efficient, reliable and immediate response,” he added.

Mr Choudhury further stated that, “this work would provide an idea for evaluating the performance on high resolution weather and climate model that requires highest temporal and spatial resolution using HPC environment.”

An HPC enabled platform for the simulation of weather and climate parameters using the state of art model i.e regional climate model (ReGCM) was used in the study.

Different benchmark modules were utilized and implemented to evaluate the important tasks like checking the bottleneck of the program in terms of Interprocessor communication, scalability, profiling, debugging, I/O threads with respect to the given input to the HPC system in the backend.

Evaluating the performance of the HPC system with respect to Inter process Communication, scalability, profiling, debugging, I/O for the given input to the system under test was also undertaken.

The findings were tested for the state of art Meso-scale model RegCM in one of the leading research institute CSIR-CMMACS, Bangalore.

After the performance analysis with the help of three super computing platforms namely Z800 SGI ALTIX ICE 8400 EX, SGI Origin 3900, the test was documented.

Suggestions were also made for better approach for achieving high performance with a high resolution climate model and the HPC system.