In view of the new academic year 2019-20, Faculty Development Programme was conducted at Tapesia Campus on the theme ‘Towards Catalyzing Design Thinking and Mindfulness’ on 11-17 July 2019.

The Resource Persons Professor Lata Chakravarthy, Dean Faculty Development Centre (IIM, Shillong) , Dr. Sanjeeb Kakoty (Associate Professor at IIM Shillong) Ms. Sunita Bhuyan (Mumbai – a Violinist and Management Professional for Leadership and Change through Music) took turns in addressing the theme of the Faculty Development Programme.

The workshop was designed with the following aims:

  • Understanding the concept of “no straight lines” and attempting “making sense of our non-linear world”
  • Exploring ‘Design Thinking’ and ‘Mindfulness’ as key catalysts of creativity
  • Discussing and examining aspects of Inspiration, Ideation and Implementation
  • Understanding how to contextualize for empathetic insights, abductive reasoning, creative visualization and anticipation of risk
  • Understanding how to modulate thinking – making in order to understand and understanding in order to make
  • Looking at the challenge and the exhilaration of “mindful living’