The Feast Day of Don Bosco was observed on 31st January (the death anniversary of St John Bosco, the patron saint of the University) to celebrate the life of Don Bosco at the University’s Atrium.

Speaking on the life of Don Bosco, Deboreena Sangma, a student from Social Work quoted a famous saying by Don Bosco, “Do not put off till tomorrow the good you can do today. You may not have a tomorrow”, and thus urging the gathering to do every little good things they can to create a better community and a better world to live in.


Showcasing the unique educational philosophy of Don Bosco, a group of students performed a short play on the Don Bosco way of educating the youth, which at his time was considered an unconventional.

Floral tributes were paid to Don Bosco by the management, faculty and students while the University choirs sings songs of praise of Don Bosco.

In his message to the gathering, the Vice Chancellor, Fr Stephen Mavely said, “Don Bosco is not a god, but a simple man, a person, just like you and I. A simple man can work wonders and influence the world when he has a dream. Don Bosco had a dream and that was all that made the difference. Have a dream, work hard to achieve that dream and you will see miracles”.