On 29th January 2019, an awareness programme on First Responder was organized by National Disaster Response Force(NDRF) at the Azara Campus of the University where five persons from NDRF demonstrated various techniques to be adopted during a disaster.

Addressing the students, they explained the importance of having a sound knowledge how to respond in an event of a disaster as North East India falls under a high risk of earthquake – classified under zone 5. In an interaction session, they shared various tips and ‘to do’ list in an event of a disaster and showed the students how to take care of people who are injured. They showed the audience how to make a stretcher using a blanket and two rods, how to stop a bleeding from a bad injury, how to take care of head injury, giving CPR to someone with a heart attack etc and other life saving tips.

The University convey its sincere gratitude to the NDRF for conducting such an awareness programme through which students learned valuable lessons on saving lives.