The DBCET College association for the academic year 2013-14 was constituted with ADBU dignitaries as well as College Principal and staff, class representatives along Coordinators of 12 Co-curricular & Extra Curricular Clubs on 12th August in front of the entire college body.


The Vice-Chancellor Dr Stephen Mavely administered the oath of responsibility in which some 60 members of both of staff and students pledged, “to work with sincerity and earnestness to fulfill the aims and objectives of Don Bosco College association, and to be a person of integrity and commitment.”

After the oath taking ceremony, each member of the College association signed his/her individual pledge and submitted with the principal.
There are six Co-Curricular Clubs namely: Robotics, Circuitronics, Coding, Basic sciences, Web Designing, Civil Engineering,

Among the six Extra-Curricular Clubs are: Music & singing, Dance, Dramatics, Art & Craft, Literacy, and Sports.

Included in the Service group was Canteen service which has three faculty advisors and three liaisoning class representatives.


The College Association is a representative body of the college community. It endeavors to take advantage of every opportunity to create and sustain an environment that nurtures life in its fullness (a la motto ‘carpe diem’). DBCET believes that progress is possible only with the involvement of all stakeholders in the college – the students, the staff, the faculty and the management.

The college association consists of elected representatives from students, nominated representatives form the staff, faculty and management. They hold term for one year.