The Department of Computer Science & Engineering and Information Technology organised a two day ethical hacking workshop ‘BoscoHack – 2016’ at its Azara campus on 15-16 October 2016.

Mr. Lakshya Jyoti Borah, co-founder and chief technology officer of Gratia Technology Private Ltd and Mr Indrajeet Bhuyan, a 2nd year B.Tech student were the resource persons.

“It was an awesome experience to be able to teach more than 120 students from different institutions of the region and outside,” said Mr Indrajeet Bhuyan, who developed smallest possible code in the world (2kb) which could crash Whatsapp.


Bhuyan said, “Our workshop on ethical hacking and cyber security was different from other workshops as we mainly focused on giving hands-on sessions rather than just theoretical knowledge. And also, we covered the latest case studies in this area.”
“Young minds are always tempted towards hacking, so it is necessary to give them a proper direction, explaining the good side of this field so that they understand the importance of security and understand the responsibilities involved,” he added.

Golaghat based cyber security trainer, Mr. Lakshya Jyoti Borah said, “ I am glad that Don Bosco University provided a platform for students to explore this area to learn and sharpen the knowledge of students and participants in cyber hacking”

Mr Borah has trained more than 4,000 students and even government officials in the various prestigious colleges and universities of Assam.

The topics covered in the workshop included introduction to ethical hacking, foot printing and reconnaissance, scanning networks, enumeration, Google hacking; advanced Google hacking, Online account hacking and security, data hiding techniques, android hacking and SMS spoofing, Trojans and RATS, hacking email accounts and tracing, introduction to DVWA and Kali Linux, system and windows hacking, Metasploit, reverse engineering, cross-site request forgery, session hijacking, SQL injection, hacking web applications, password cracking, social engineering, cyber laws and introduction to bugs bounty.

The event was sponsored by Github, Cybrary, Skillshare and HackerRank.

“It was a succesful event, with 125 participants from various institutions attending the workshop. We are planning to conduct more of such workshop in the future”, said the HoD of Computer Science and Engineering & IT, Dr. Yumnam Jayanta.