Kalita Utpal

Continuing the Friday Noon Lecture series, the ADBU Department of Research’s Chemical Sciences Lab researcher presented a paper on “Molecular Hybrids: Synthesis & Anti-Inflammatory Activities.”

“Today we are familiar with Paracetamol or Asprin as remedy for common ailments. These have distinct properties. But what happens if we put them together? We don’t know how their molecular frame will work,” says Prof JN Vishwakarma presenting the topic of the day.

In the opening remarks, ADBU research scholar Utpalparna Kalita defined molecular hybrids as “chemical entities with two or more structural domains having different biological functions and dual activity.”
This research is important for the medicinal field, she said.

The biological segment of this reserach is being undertaken at the Research Labs in St Anthony’s College, Shillong.
“We have designed our own methodology by trying different catalysts and have come up with 10 unreported compounds.
Miss Kalita is confident that “this study will lead to the development of simpler, newer environment friendly and versatile synthetic methodologies for novel Adamantine-Tetrahydropyrimidine hybrids possessing anti-inflammatory properties and find use of their application in pharmaceutical industries and will be of synthetic value in the preparation of various drug and bio-active molecules.”

Ms Kalita also insisted on the green methodology used in the research especially avoiding carcinogenic spirit like benzene.

Some 20 faculty members including the Vice-Chancellor and Department Heads were present and took part in the discussions.