The Inauguration of Academic Year 2017-18 for the new batches of students at Tapesia Campus was held on 18th August, 2017.

The function began with ‘Moments of Prayer’ in which passages were read from Bible, Quran and Bhagavad Gita.

Welcoming students and parents, the Vice Chancellor, Fr (Dr) Stephen Mavely said, “This campus is yours. It has been designed to provide you with the best of ambiance to grow and develop, to blossom into the leaders of tomorrow – leaders with a human face, leaders with a vision in their hearts and minds, leaders who will make a change for the better wherever they find themselves, leaders who will notice and lend a hand to the little guy on the side street..”

Shri C.K Das IAS Rtd, Member of North Eastern Council was the Chief Guest, and in his address, he encouraged the students, saying, “Civilization developed through the passion of learning… when you really want to learn something, raise questions; do not be silent when you do not understand something in the class, ask… There are 3 types of people whom we respect /afraid and obey. One is those who are rich, second, those who are physically strong and third, those who are in powerful positions. However, if you look at Mahatma Gandhi, who was well respected and held in a high esteem had none of these but, the power of personality and education. I wish that all of you will complete your studies at the University and live a life full of success, peace and prosperity”.

This new academic year saw the introduction of Bachelor Degree courses in Mass Communication, Psychology, English and Education; and Masters Degree courses in Chemistry and Zoology.